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[Victorian Inter-Varsity Games (VIGs) Competition]

Hi everyone!

Melbourne University Table Tennis Club (MUTTC) is proud to announce our first Victorian Inter-Varsity Games (VIGs) competition this year held at Monash Clayton on 3 April 2021 (Saturday, first day of mid-semester holiday) at 1:00pm-6:00pm, at the following address: Games Hall, Monash Sport, 42 Scenic Boulevard, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800.

Try-outs for division 1 and 2 teams will be announced shortly.

The entry fee for the event is $15 per person, but with prizes that exceed this amount.

Due to the time limitation on the day, strict time limits will be implemented. each ‘best of 5 sets’ are given 30 minutes. With matches starting at 1:30pm. Participants are requested to arrive no later than 5 minutes to their match or they may be considered to lose said match. If matches go over schedule by 5 minutes, whoever is leading in terms of the number of sets will be crowned winner.

Monash venue has a strict court limit of exactly 50 people that we cannot exceed, so we kindly request no non-participants.

We hope to see you at try-outs!!

Kind regards.

MUTTC Committee 2021.

What: Victorian Inter-Varsity Games (VIGs) Competition.

When: Saturday 3 April 2021 from 1:00pm – 6:00pm.

Where: Games Hall, Monash Sport, 42 Scenic Boulevard, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800.

Try-outs: To be announced very soon.

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