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Join Our Committee!

Our committee consists of all volunteers who are passionate about the sport and the community.

Our club's training sessions, events  and competitions would not be possible without our current committee.

If you are inspired to contribute to MUTTC, please look at the potential roles listed below and fill out the form!

Metal Surface


Joining the MUTTC committee will provide you with opportunities to learn and lead, thereby allowing you to develop both professional and practical skills. As a committee member, you will have the ability to introduce innovative projects to the club, which will not only enhance the experiences of our club members but also create unique opportunities and benefits for you. Additionally, you will receive special discounts to Butterfly products and uniforms!

General Committee Roles

A brief description of our current roles in the club.

Feel free to approach any of our committee members for more information.

Stadium Manager /
General Committee 

In charge of running our regular sessions by directing members to set up and pack up tables 

Social Events Manager

Learn how to organise and run fun social events outside of table tennis in which all club members can participate in

Competitions Manager

Learn how to organise and run tournaments

(Must have previous experience in competing in a table tennis competition)

Social Media Manager

Improve online engagement and create promotional material to post on Facebook and Instagram

Website Manager

Edit the main website by creating and managing advertising, banners, new pages and membership contacts

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