Dying to have a hit? *cough*

Hey everyone! We are back! Now that we are finally out of lockdown, we've made some plans to hold some sessions next month before the Christmas Break.

Here's how it will work next month:

There are a total of THREE sessions next month, one each Wednesday from 02/12/2020 ~ 16/12/2020, each day from 4pm-6pm. Due to safety protocols, we are limited to 20 people each session and will also require people to book in before the day. The signup links for each day are listed below. You will be confirmed to go 1-2 days before the actual session.

02/12/2020 - https://forms.gle/qj62sY1UXGxjLCgg9 09/12/2020 - https://forms.gle/RqpRM9TRnRoJHoec8 16/12/2020 - https://forms.gle/oFvR9KBuePWNdzo28

Standard COVID safety regulations will obviously be in practice. i.e, please wear a mask if not playing, make sure to practice safe hygiene, and try to maintain social distancing. Change rooms in the sports stadium will not be open so arrive fully geared up. Also we will not be renting equipment, so make sure to bring your own

For more information please visit the DHHS website https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

Table Tennis. For All. For Life. Restart. We start.

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