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Hi everyone!

Our opening hours of the following:

- Monday at 4pm-5:30pm,

- Wednesday at 4pm-6pm, and

- Friday at 4pm-5:30pm

will resume from today onwards for the time being.

[Edited: we have resumed our normal opening hours at 3:30pm; the information in this post is now out of date. Please refer to an earlier post we made :))]

For students who took a summer subject, we hope you’ve nearly finished your summer exam(s) and absolutely crushed it! For those who didn’t, we hope you’ve had a restful break.

To new students, we look forward to welcoming you to the club, as well as to the University! To alumni and the broader community, we look forward to seeing you once again!

Look forward to seeing you all there as we start the new semester!

Kind regards

- MUTTC Committee

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