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[Ladder Competition]

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is enjoying our sessions thus far! Just to spice things up we are introducing an informal competition that will be running throughout the semester. It will be an online ladder system that will allow you to manually challenge people to a match at any time.

You will gain points based on the number of games you win and participation; rankings will be based on these points.

You can enter at any time by clicking the link below and sending us a request. We will add you to the data-base as soon as possible.

During any of our sessions you can access this web-app through your phone and ask someone to a challenge using this app or schedule a match for a later session. We hope it is intuitive, but we will have a video coming out soon with a tutorial on how it works.

And yes, prizes (e.g. shirts) will be given out at the end of the semester.

Kind regards.

MUTTC Committee 2021

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