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 . . version of the DOC every few years. However, over time, DOC may change features and work on a less frequent basis. The most common complaint for DOC users is that the documentation is not timely updated and is rather scarce. This applies to basic operation, tuning, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Efficiency ALLISTAR is designed with a user-friendly interface, but this makes the software slow. The interface is not intuitive and does not have a powerful help menu. This means that the user must spend a significant amount of time learning the interface before they can start using the software. This problem is easily avoided by learning the interface by using an Allison Transmissions knowledge base website or by watching the video tutorial provided by Allison Transmissions. The one-key switch is small and is not convenient. The use of a one-key switch results in the use of the space bar in the majority of key commands, which is not intuitive. See also Interactive Torque Pro References External links Category:Companies based in Atlanta Category:Engineering companies of the United States Category:Sears Holdings brands Since Disney Animation is known to have a special place in their hearts for the musical, the news that Frozen 2 is set to be a musical in the style of Frozen Fever has got the internet’s fair share of internet-wide excitement and speculation. It’s true, it’s true. The idea for a Frozen 2 musical was first mentioned by Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn in an interview with Variety back in September 2017. He said that he believed it would be “fun” and “exciting” and that it would be “about something or somebody that is very important.” With the success of Frozen and Frozen 2, it’s no wonder that Alan has been thinking of ways to keep the franchise going and create more spin-offs for the film’s other characters. Alan’s original idea was to follow the successful “Frozen Fever” stage show as a follow up. “The natural thing to do is to do a sort of ‘Frozen Fever’ follow-up. And the reason to do that is, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s something that the fans will get to experience.” In the end it



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