Here you will find some information about some of the competitions we hold throughout the year!



Wanting to test your skills in a serious competition against other players?

Then come play at the VIGs tournaments where you'll be able to compete against players from different universities like Monash, Swinburne, Deakin and more!

Watch this space for more information regarding these competitions!

Check out their socials below for more details!

  • VIGs Facebook
  • VIGs Instagram


If you're looking to test your skills against others in the club, but don't want to commit to any formal sort of competitions, then our online ladder system might be for you. Grind your way to the top of the leaderboards in our points based system, hosted by Wotscore.

How it works is simple -

  1. You sign-up for an account with Wotscore and simply click on the link below to join our ladder.

  2. Challenge people, arrange a time to play, and then record your match results.

Ranks and points will all be automated by the system and positions will update after matches occur. 

If you're interested, click the links below! Prize for the top scorer will our club shirt!


If you're sick of normal tennis after playing so much with us, we also try and host some more eccentric competitions that are intended purely for fun! 

Whether it'd be using rubber balls, dead bats, peculiar table arrangements, we try and come up with more wacky party style rules while still keeping the core of the game - hitting balls across a table.

These competitions will of course fully open to all members, so stay tuned for any upcoming announcements on our website or Facebook page!